The Karuna Centre offers professionals clinical supervision and consultation, program/service evaluation and training.

Clinical Supervision and Consultation

The team at the Karuna Centre offers a range of supervision and consultation services to other professionals working in the counselling and community work field. These services include:

* Regular supervision sessions for practitioners to review and develop their clinical practice.

* Opportunities for ‘live’ supervision of clinical work.

* Live consultation to practitioners and their clients who are experiencing ‘stuckness’ in their work.

* Group clinical supervision.

* Debriefing processes for practitioners doing community work, either individually or in groups.

* Management supervision.

* Consultation to agencies about ways of responding to specific issues arising in the course of providing services to clients.

Program/Service Evaluation

A number of the Karuna Centre professionals also have been involved in research and evaluation of various program areas such as parenting after separation, mental health, domestic violence and integrated practice.


No Training sessions currently planned